I am Keiwana Michale. I started off as a self taught artist in elementary. I eventually earned my MFA in Illustration. Art and being creative is literally who I am combined with my faith. As a cancer survivor, I want to be an art therapist for children suffering from various illnesses and disorders.

I am a creative person, so as an artisan, I draw, paint, sew, pattern make, and design. I am not just one thing, I am many things and I am multitalented. The work you see on my site are creative representations of my love and soul. I am sharing it with all of you because I realize that as much as I want to be selfish, my art is meant to benefit others. Therefore you, my partisan, have rights to it.

will refer to you as Partisans because I firmly believe that if you are purchasing and pledging, then you don't just admire my art, but that you strongly believe and support my vision and the value of my art. There isn't enough appreciation in the world that I can show you for that. Just know that I am making a commitment to you as you are to me.

ou are not just paying for my art, but you are paying to help make my dreams come true so that I can give back and use my art as a method of catharsis to help someone else. Wholeheartedly, thank you!

Thank you for gracing my page with your presence!

Keiwana Michale

My Story